October 2013

Reputation: Your Most Important Asset

October 30, 2013

Every decision you make in the real estate industry is viewed with relentless criticism. You may not realize it yet; but buyers, sellers, realtors, attorneys and fellow investors notice everything you do over the course of a transaction. They may not say anything to you at the time, but things you say or do will […]

Automation: When Is It Too Much?

October 28, 2013

Technology has changed the way we invest. We are now able to do things and find information that was not possible just a few years ago. However, there is a fine line between using and overusing technology to our benefit. That is, investors may use it to save time or abuse it to avoid tedious […]

The Benefits of a Good Marketing Strategy

October 25, 2013

As much as it may seem, luck has very little to do with the success of a well-devised marketing plan. If you are sending out letters and simply hoping for a good response, you will not be very happy with the results. Marketing is a science. The more you know about it, the more successful […]

The Benefits of Single Family Rentals

October 23, 2013

There is really no best way to get started in the real estate industry. Some investors will focus their attention on multi-family properties while others will never entertain anything more than a single-family unit. It all comes down to what you feel comfortable with as a landlord and what makes the most sense for your […]

Now Is A Great Time For Part Time Investors

October 21, 2013

Investing in real estate may be accomplished in as little as seven hours a week. However, others may prefer investing 70 hours of their time every week. Many investors start out in the business looking to close one deal a year and experiment with the business on a part time basis. They can do this […]

Commit To The Relationship With Your Realtor

October 18, 2013

The most successful investors know the importance of establishing relationships and working together towards a common goal. They know their success is directly correlated to their team. Accordingly, one of the most important members of that team is the real estate agent. Between finding and structuring deals, a good realtor can directly impact the performance […]

Trying To Save Money Could Cost You More

October 16, 2013

There are a lot of new investors who enter the industry on a shoestring budget. They may have enough money for a deal, but they know if they don’t watch every dime they can get in over their heads. Instead of looking at the big picture and making decisions based on what makes the most […]

Hand holding key in front of house

The Advantage of Having a Real Estate License

October 14, 2013

As an investor, you want to give yourself every possible advantage. One way you can get a leg up on your competition is by obtaining your real estate license. Even if you don’t intend to show a single property, this can have residual benefits for the rest of your business. MLS access, advanced notice on […]

Investors Are Only As Strong As Their Team

October 11, 2013

Being a real estate investor is very similar to being the quarterback of a football team. Accordingly, you are only as good as the people around you. You can have the best quarterback in the world, but if their receivers don’t catch the ball or the linemen don’t block, nobody will get anywhere. As with […]

No Such Thing As a Risk Free Investment

October 9, 2013

Despite what you may see on TV or read on the internet, investing in real estate is not easy. What often takes months, and plenty of trials and tribulations, is condensed into a 30 or 60 minute TV show. The end-product neglects to convey the hardships that were experienced in closing on a property. In […]