October 2017

due diligence

5 Reasons You Should Never Underestimate The Power Of Due Diligence

October 27, 2017

Due diligence is one of the most time consuming and monotonous things you will do as an investor. The more properties you look at the less enthusiastic about this you will become. However, all it takes is one oversight to have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Every property you consider making an offer […]

red flag

5 Red Flags To Look Out For With Every Hard Money Deal

October 18, 2017

Every real estate investor should have access to hard money. Even if you don’t think you will need it you never know when the right deal will come along. There are more hard money lenders today then ever before. In the past, there may have been one local hard money lender who was only used […]

5 Important Aspect Of Business Every Investor Should Understand

October 9, 2017

It takes a lot to be a good real estate investor. It is important to understand that as an investor you are essentially running a business. Like any other business there are a unique set of items you should know, and understand. Knowledge of your local market is important but not enough to run a […]