May 2019


Long Term Business Damage To Avoid

May 31, 2019

Real estate investing should be treated like a business. Regardless of the number of deals you close or how much time you dedicate, you must treat real estate like a business. All it takes is one misstep to wipe away all the hard work you put in.  Something as seemingly minor as not including specific […]


Finding The Right Mortgage Broker For Your Business

May 24, 2019

Every real estate investor should have a reliable mortgage broker on their team. Even if you currently financing your deals cash, or with hard money, you never know when the need for a broker will arise. It may not happen on the financing side, but there are times when you will consider pulling out equity […]


Jumpstart Your Business In 30 Days

May 17, 2019

Running a business is filled with wild swings of ups and downs. One day you go to bed feeling like a million bucks and the next you toss and turn wondering how you lost a deal. It is important to understand that most start up businesses experiences lulls, especially in the first year. This is […]


Landlording An Out Of Town Property

May 10, 2019

You never know where you will find your next real estate rental opportunity. There are times when you are presented with a deal that may not fit exactly what you are looking for. The numbers may make sense, but the property isn’t in a market you have previously invested in. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t […]


How To Improve Your Public Speaking

May 3, 2019

In the real estate business public speaking is very much a necessary evil. You may not like doing it, but avoiding it is one of the quickest ways to squash a growing business. When people think of public speaking they usually think of standing on stage in front of thousands of people. Sure, this is […]