December 2015

Real estate and helping others

Helping Others While Investing In Real Estate

December 23, 2015

Is it really possible to make a living from real estate while simultaneously helping others? More and more people are looking to real estate as a means to revitalize communities, and their financial situations. However, there are even more people left wondering if that is even possible. Are these to things tied together somehow, or […]

Risk management

How To Properly Evaluate & Mitigate Risk Within Your Company

December 18, 2015

If real estate investing was easy, everyone would do it. For as much upside as the business offers, it also has its fair share of risk. If you are not constantly on your toes, you can lose your shirt. While you never expect bad things to happen, they can absolutely happen to anyone. Even minor […]

Investor opinions

Don’t Let The Opinions Of Others Influence Your Direction

December 11, 2015

The real estate business is not easy. For every investor that enters the business, one or two are probably on the verge of exiting. The biggest reason is because most new investors think things will happen overnight. When they realize that it often takes several months to gain traction, they become annoyed and frustrated with […]

Florida's real estate markets

Florida’s Top Real Estate Investment Markets In 2016

December 4, 2015

What will Florida’s top real estate markets look like for investors in 2016? In addition to California and the Northeast, Florida continues to be one of the most popular parts of the country for real estate investment, and attracting new residents. So what do the Sunshine State’s most notable property markets look like as we […]