August 2014

Investors Opting For Buy& Hold Real Estate Approach

August 25, 2014

More and more investors are opting for the buy and hold real estate approach. Partially due to the high rental demand, there are more investors acting as landlords than ever before. Some of this population is comprised of homeowners finding too much value to not explore the rental market with their primary residence while some […]

Exercise Flexibility With Buy & Hold Investment Properties

August 18, 2014

There are schools of thought shared by certain investors that are difficult to change. One of these is in regards to seeing a buy-and-hold property all the way through to ownership. These investors own rental property with the goal of paying off any mortgage until they own the property outright. Regardless of any changes in […]

Getting Started: Real Estate Basics

August 11, 2014

Starting is never easy. This can be the case if you are changing careers, schools or getting started in a new business. In the world of real estate, starting out as an investor can be an intimidating proposition. Between the massive amount of terminology involved and the thought of waiting for your first deal to […]

The Process Of Running A Rental Property

August 4, 2014

The process of running your rental property should be a seamless transition of tenants coming in and tenants going out. Unfortunately, during the nine months that your tenants live in your property, there are going to be ups, downs and issues along the way. The best way to prevent or mitigate these issues is by […]