September 2017

4 Common Reasons Your Business Is Struggling

September 29, 2017

Making money in real estate is far from a sure thing. As abundant as the possibilities for success are, it doesn’t happen simply because you want it. The investor from your favorite TV show most likely had a patch in their career where they contemplated doing something else. The investor you hear every month at […]

Consider This Before Starting Your Next Rehab Property

September 18, 2017

The most basic concept of any rehab property is to create value and sell for a profit. The strategy you employ for one property in a particular market may not work for another property across town. Some properties call for higher quality finishes while others simply need a freshening up. Knowing what is needed prior […]

5 Tips On Building A Sustainable Real Estate Investing Business

September 9, 2017

Right now, there is an investor out there about to close their first deal. The feeling they have at the closing table is one they will remember forever. At this point their business can go several ways. They can continue to have success and close more deals or they could hit a bump in the […]