February 2014

Don’t Wait For Changes To Happen

February 24, 2014

Taking action is difficult. To take action, it usually requires some kind of change which often scares people into doing nothing at all. Most people will look for landmarks and start days to get things going, think New Years and starting a diet on a Monday. Eventually, a diet that you were set on starting […]

Reducing Risk In Your Real Estate Business

February 17, 2014

Let’s face it; there is at least some level of risk in everything you do. Investing in real estate is no different. With every property you invest in, there is always the chance that you can lose money. While it is very obvious, the key to investing is to get involved with deals that offer […]

Time Is Of The Essence

February 10, 2014

Everything you do in business, and in life, will cost you either time or money. You may certainly get something for your time, but once you use it, you will never get it back. In a perfect world we would have a deep supply of both, but since we live in reality, you often need […]

It Pays To Remember The Small Things As A Landlord

February 3, 2014

From the outside, it would appear that all a landlord has to do is find the right property and sit back and wait for the checks to roll in every month. As any landlord knows, it is never that easy. Between keeping your property rented, collecting rent, dealing with repairs and a dozen other tasks, […]