January 2018

5 Tips To Help Build A Better Team

January 26, 2018

As a real estate investor, you are the leader of your investing team. Even though real estate may seem like an individual effort the most successful investors know just how important the people around them are. Your real estate agent, attorney, accountant, mortgage broker, property manager and contractor all play an important role in your […]

You Will Always Learn More By Doing

January 15, 2018

The real estate business is filled with investors who wish they started earlier. There are many stories of people who hung around the business for years before they finally dove in. They were worried about their lack of knowledge, lack of contacts or simply afraid to make a mistake. While there is nothing you can […]

5 Reasons To Consider Investing In Real Estate

January 3, 2018

Everybody wants to invest in real estate. Over the past decade there has been a sharp increase in real estate popularity and demand. There are literally dozens of shows dedicated to buying, selling or fixing up real estate. If you turn on the TV almost any night you can find a real estate show right […]