Full Time Job, Spouse, Kids: How To Invest In Real Estate

By on May 29, 2015

How do you get started investing in real estate when you already have a full time job, a spouse, and kids to juggle?

Real estate stands out as one of the best ways for individuals and families to get ahead. For many, it provides the only hope of getting caught up, achieving their dreams, and helping to give their kids the best start they can. However, there can be perceived challenges to getting started.

Time can be one of the biggest and most pressing challenges facing investors. Subsequently, there are finances when family has pressing, and growing needs every day. Sometimes convincing your spouse to get on board can be the most difficult, even in spite of the obvious and essential benefits.

Still, as challenging as some of these appear to be on the surface, they can’t be allowed to hold you back. Most aren’t as formidable as they might appear. Some of it is simply looking from the right perspective. Others can be overcome with better tools and strategies. If you understand how critical real estate is to your future, and that of your children, then you must find a way. There may be some work to do, and temporary sacrifices to be made, but there are much harsher, more serious, longer lasting consequences if you don’t try. There will be less time to spend with your family, and less resources to give your children the head start that you really want to. Your family’s future greatly relies on real estate and your investments. Can you really afford not to find a way?

Overcoming the Time Challenges

For some real estate investing, and wholesaling houses in particular is a great way to generate income if they don’t have a full time income. But what if you are already working 40 or 80 hours a week? What if you are working 6 days a week just to make it? Where do you find the time to learn about real estate, research your market, and actually start investing?


  • Turnkey real estate investing
  • Pulling back on working hours to make more from real estate
  • Combining driving, or walking your local market with your kids
  • Run, walk or drive by local homes for sale with your spouse
  • Visit open houses together

Find the most streamlined way for you to invest in real estate. And combine as many activities as you can with fun quality time.

Overcoming the Money Challenges

Some types of real estate require more cash than others. There are strategies and models which require substantial amounts of cash. Others can be executed with no money down. But even with no money down real estate there can be expenses for enhancing real estate education, setting up, and due diligence items like property appraisals. This can be a few hundred dollars, or tens of thousands depending on the choices you make. So where do you find this money? After all, most are getting into real estate because they need more money.


  • Leverage your retirement savings with a self-directed IRA
  • Getting a side gig in the industry if you aren’t earning enough
  • Creating a better monthly budget (slash interest and payments)
  • Save every little bit you can

You might have more access to cash than you think. You may be able to free up quite a bit of cash each month if you restructure your bills and debts. Recognize that no matter how little it seems, every little bit helps. It adds up faster than you think.

Overcoming Your Spouse’s Objections

One of the most significant challenges many, many real estate professionals face is objections from their spouses. This challenge isn’t unique to you. You are not the first one to ever experience. But it is up to you to champion it. For some it is simply a matter of changing expectations. For others it is about coming up with a better strategy.

First understand that it is completely normal for spouses to be afraid and push back when you start passionately proclaiming that you want to invest in real estate. And even more so when your plans include making some sacrifices. Even if they are small, and the rewards so worth it. Some investors find themselves with the ideal partner that will be in it with them every step of the way. Others have a lot of work to do to help their other halves to overcome their fears. And it doesn’t always come across in a vulnerable way. Some might get angry if they think you are hurting their safety bubble or plans. And despite all the logic, don’t expect them to get it immediately. After all; it’s taken you this long too.


  • Provide proof that it works via the system and education you are studying
  • Show you are actually doing your homework and are thinking it through
  • Let them know you are on their side
  • Finding ways to compromise
  • Finding fun and inspirational ways to get them interested
  • Not forcing them to participate

In some cases you can win your spouse by exciting them with visiting incredible open houses. For others it might be a weekend retreat where you plan out your big vision and show them how the path to their goals and dreams is via real estate. In some cases you’ll just have to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for them to discover it themselves.

This can all take time, and that’s okay. But that doesn’t have to stop you from seizing on the current market. In fact, just showing them how great the results can be is often the best way to win them over. When you walk-in the door with a check worth more than an entire year or work, and give them a chunk to go spend, that ought to do wonders.