Who Needs To Consider Turnkey Property Investments This Year?

By on March 16, 2015
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2015 is shaping up to be a stellar year for U.S. real estate, but potentially shaky and uncertain for other industries. So who should be taking a serious look at turnkey property investments this year?

Angel Investors

Angel investors, VCs, and other tech investors might do well to take heed of Mark Cuban’s ominous warning of a pending dot com crash. Once it hits, it could be far too late for many to get out with much of their portfolio’s left intact. Now is the time to restructure portfolios in order to prevent loss of wealth and income. As more start to take part in the shift, real estate asset prices should significantly move higher, adding even better returns and growth.

Tech Entrepreneurs

Deep pocketed venture capitalists and angel investors may be able to survive major losses and still have something left, even if their wealth is substantially diminished. However, the front line tech entrepreneurs, start-up founders, digital marketers and freelancers who are doing all the work are far less financially prepared for a downturn. If you’ve been hustling for 100 hours a week for the last year, putting in everything you’ve got, you may not only be at a dead end, but hard pressed to find a job. By diversifying into turnkey property investing now, these individuals can go on pursuing their passions and start-ups.

Aspiring Home Buyers

Millions of U.S. residents are eager to purchase their first homes, move up to their dream homes, or get back into the market after foreclosure. Unfortunately, in spite of low mortgage interest rates and home prices, many just can’t quite afford the homes they really want. Due to the direction of current trends. the only hope most will ever have of closing the gap between where they are now, and where they want to go, is to invest in real estate. The income and equity produced by rental properties can be used to build down payments and improve debt to income ratios to qualify and comfortably afford really desired.

Busy Professionals

U.S. housing is only going to become more in demand and pricier for the foreseeable future. Sooner or later. higher interest rates will negatively impact those that waited too long to buy and lock in low long term financing. That said; not everyone should jump into full time real estate investing. We do need doctors, nurses, teachers, law enforcement, attorneys, and other professionals. However, these individuals also shouldn’t have to be starved of the perks of real estate. Turnkey property investing offers the perfect, hands-free way to yield these benefits, while pursuing their purpose in life.

Day Traders

Some day traders have been doing very well recently. However, whether full time or amateur stock investor, when there is so much riding on factors out of personal control, or consistent ability to pinpoint trades down to the minute day in and out, it can be wise to have a backup that can provide more security and consistency to provide for that day when it doesn’t go well, you end up sick in bed for several weeks, or the market tanks. If you are really that addicted to trading you can always use your income and equity gains from real estate to fuel more stock investing, without tapping out your underlying assets.

Oil and Energy Industry Workers

The recent plummet in oil prices has been a significant wake up call to workers in all energy related industry. There is no real telling how quickly oil prices will bounce back, if the keystone XL pipeline will ever happen or not, and where executive actions could take us next. Great paying jobs and careers can be lost overnight, with local job and housing markets hit hard when companies get scared and pull back. Diversifying income and building a nest egg through rental property investing elsewhere in the country could be the only thing keeping thousands of these workers solvent over the next few years.

House Flippers

Both real estate wholesalers and fix and flippers could also benefit from acquiring several turnkey rental properties. This can provide the perfect balance in consistent income and passive wealth building that many desire.